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Our mission is to provide North Carolina with Industrial Hemp (cannabis with < 0.3% THC) flower products and value-added services. At Farmers Foundry we combine engineering and technology practices with our generational farming experience to provide unique opportunities to the NC industry. 


Technology, Data, & Analytics

Engineering is our strong suit. We originate from the world of aerospace manufacturing and process control. Each of our outdoor canopies and greenhouses are equipped with cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, providing real-time measurements and analysis of external conditions. Agility is vital in an industry yet to be forged. 

Our goal is to eliminate errors at each stage of the cultivation process and provide our customers with the highest standard of quality that can be achieved. 

Organic Practices

We produce products with our consumers in mind. We are transitioning our fields to Certified Organic because we know a healthy plant is a healthy individual.


Quality Genetics

A strong beginning is the means to a marvelous end. We choose genetics that are proven, trustworthy, and dependable.

Generational Farmers

Technology is not our only strength, we are also third-generational blueberry farmers and one of the prominent producers of the south-east.  

With board positions held on the North Carolina Blueberry Council and U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, we promise that our experiences contribute to the quality products we deliver.


Multi-Stage, Forced-Air Modified Environment

(FAME) Drying 

We start by handpicking our best flower and lightly resting them into food-grade trays.

Each truckload of flower is assigned lot numbers and each pallet serialized. Temperature, humidity, and flower moisture content is recorded in our database as each pallet enters each stage of the drying-curing process.

We use an in-direct airflow technique that is much gentler on the trichomes of each flower and allows moisture to be pulled from the plant material in a much nicer way.

We Use Technology to Produce the Highest Quality Flower

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For more information on procuring biomass or smokable flower from the 2019 season please contact us at:

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